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In this section the testimonials of our clients are represented. If one is our customer we do everything to make him pleased with our service and products quality.



“Holding Company Kolomensky Zavod”


“Holding Company “Kolomensky Zavod” expresses thanks to the company “Promenergoresource” for the quality of its product — the SSB Egoza, for contract implementation, high qualification of the fitters. The installation was made at a high level. Special thanks are expressed to the marketing department in the person of Ms. Nadezhda Gorsheneva, who estimated the companys plans properly and persuaded the direction to make the right choice.”

Chief Safety Officer Zimin




“Zolotoy Petushok Invest Ltd.”

“Zolotoy Petushok Invest Ltd.” has collaborated with “Promenergoresource” for several years purchasing the SSB Egoza (the reinforced barbed tape) for its plants and battery farms. Practical usage in residential and inhabited areas showed, that the reinforced barbed tape is a high-quality products, the period of its exploitation is not limited and that the barrier provides effective security of our premises.

As a result of long-term collaboration “Promenergoresource” proved itself as a reliable supplier and honest partner.”

CEO Bosman Thomas




Ministry of Communications of RF, “Teplovozoremontny Zavod im. F. E. Dzerzginskogo”

“Promenergoresource” is a constant and reliable partner of our plant supplying us with its products. The Safety Barrier Egoza is a high-quality security barrier. It is an effective engineering protective means. The quality of Egoza provides long life time of the barrier.”

Staff Deputy Director Donchenko A.I.




CC “Santechproject”

“Industrial enterprises “Promenergoresource” showed itself as a reliable partner. The contract № 169/2 dated June 6, 2001, concerning the delivery and installation of the SSB Egoza was implemented on term.

Special thanks to the direction of Promenergoresource for the advertence to the client and contract implementation.”

CEO Gustov A.A.




Nuclear Power Station “Novovoronezhskaya”

“State Power Station “Novovoronezhskaya” and “Promenergoresource” have collaborated for 2 years, supplying each other with products on mutually beneficial terms. At present time “Promenergoresource” supplies the Station with The Spiral Safety Barrier Egoza according to the contract № 01–01/03/01 dated January 11, 2001. All deliveries are implemented on term.

From the very beginning of our collaboration Promenergoresource has shown itself as a reliable partner.”


Deputy Director Ognerubov A.M.




JSC “Tobus”

“Promenergoresource Ltd.” is a good, dependable and punctual partner, implementing the contracts on term. The Spiral Safety Barrier Egoza is made of qualitative galvanized corrosion resistant materials. It is a very effective security means which helped us to stop trespassing and larcenies.”


CEO Tselkovnev V.I.



CC “Aleisky Sacharnik”
“Our company “Aleisky Sacharnik” placed an order concerning various kinds of the SSB Egoza and its transportation, dated May 26, 2002. All obligations were fulfilled and we do not have any grudges.

The request was fulfilled at a stated time; Egoza is in conformity with all state standards and is made of the high-quality materials. We express thanks to you for fruitful collaboration and for good service. Special thanks to the marketing department and personally to Ms. Inna Litvin, who supervised this order, for her accuracy and persistence.”


Deputy Director Ovtin G.A.




“Corporation “Region”

“We do not lay any claims to the quality of the SSB Egoza. The barrier Egoza was installed and upgraded with straight razor wire in workmanlike manner and on term.”

CEO Chipiga V.Y.

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