Barbed wire. wire mesh. razor wire. fencing wire.

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Promenergoresource Ltd. is proud to present the Mobile Barrier (MB) “Scorpion 4 Light Version”, a brand new development that is meant for a deployment of an effective obstacle for the sake of police and other special operations.

MB “Scorpion 4 Light Version”:

  • 2 wire ropes with hooks
  • 2 frame halves spiral galvanized wire made of spring steel, 2.5 mm in diameter, with colored polymeric coverage and 7 stripes of red reflecting paint.
  • 2 split pins for the transport delivery fixation

MB “Scorpion 4 Light Version”:

Model MB 4 LV 900/20 MB 4 LV 900/40
Extended diameter of the coil, mm approx. 920 mm approx. 920 mm
Diameter of the coil, mm 1000 mm 1000 mm
Length when deployed, m 20 meters 40 meters
Weight of the barrier, kg about 22 kg about 40 kg
Time of deployment 10–30 seconds.
Time of curtailment up to 5 min.

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