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Promenergoresource Ltd. is proud to present the Mobile Barrier (MB) “Scorpion 4”, a brand new development that is meant for a quick deployment of an effective obstacle for the sake of police and other special operations.

MB “Scorpion 4” is a serious obstacle for a single person and practically insuperable for a group of people without special cutting equipment.

MB “Scorpion 4” is manufactured from the wire with polymeric coating 1000 mm in diameter.

The loops are connected in 7 equidistant points.

Special hooks make the assemblage easier.


Special spring split pins are used for the frame fixation

MB “Scorpion 4”

· Establish outposts within a few minutes.

· Prevent or suppress illegal protest riots.

· Used as a mobile temporary barrier at any time.

· A temporary security device for any unit.

· Absolutely safe

· High visibility

· Wind resistant

MB “Scorpion 4” lines up with other Mobile Barriers “Scorpion 4”.
Quick dismantling.

The barrier has 4 handles for the transportation.


MB “Scorpion 4” has the following modifications:
MB 900/20
MB 900/40
Extended diameter of the coil, mm
approx. 920 mm
approx. 920 mm
Diameter of the coil, mm
1000 mm
1000 mm
Length when deployed, m
m 20 meters
m 40 meters
The side width of the barrier, mm
630 mm
630 mm
The front width of the barrier, mm
1200 mm
1200 mm
The basic height of the barrier, mm
1045 mm
1045 mm
Weight of the barrier, kg
approx. 35 kg
approx. 50 kg
Time of deployment
45 - 120 seconds.
45 - 120 seconds.
Time of curtailment
up to 10 min.
up to 10 min.
Load ability per 20 feet container
28 pieces
28 pieces

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