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Single line razor wire that is used for production of Concertina Razor Wire and Flat Wrap is intended for creation of an effective barriers and obstacles of stationary and mobile type for protection of  different units.

Razor Tape is a steel tape with the two-edged, symmetrically located blades of high cutting properties, and reinforced with a high carbon core wire

We use export quality materials of leading Russian factories for production:

  • Galvanized steel tape 0,5–0,55 mm thick (Standard 14918–80).
  • Hot dipped galvanized steel core wire 2, 4–2, 5 mm (Standard 7372–79).

High mechanical characteristics of materials (durability, hardness, elasticity) make razor wire practically impossible to cut. The zink coating makes the tape corrosion resistant and ensures 20 year lifetime.

Single line razor wire can be used for creation of effective and inexpensive Barriers.

The useful information about Single line razor wire.

If You are looking for the manufacturer You should know:

Single line razor wire and products made from it depend on the quality of the materials and the manufacturer.
The most frequently used methods of decreasing the cost value are:

The tape is not reinforced but twisted around the core wire.
               twisted                                  formed around
Such tape is so-called Stranded Barbed Tape: the core wire and a tape in this case are easily separated from each other. Absence of a protective zinc coating makes this tape last for 3 - 5 year maximum.

The materials used in the production are of a bad quality ( e.g. low carbon level). This results in reduction of the security properties of the barrier and makes it easy to to cut with a simple equipment.

Low quality curling takes place when the machinery is an old fashioned. This will end up in separation of the core wire from the tape.

Promenergoresource Ltd uses materials with high mechanical characteristics only. For the high quality production we use the modern patented equipment developed by the company:

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  • ¹ 2003117990/20 (020015)
  • ¹ 2003124845/20 (027224)
  • ¹ 2003126687
  • Trade mark “Egoza” the Application ¹ 2003701090.
  • The patent for useful model the application ¹ 2003128744
  • The patent for useful model ¹ 20031281246

Comparison characteristics Kinds of barbed wire Kinds of razor wire barriers
Simple Reinforced Stranded razor tape barrier Reinforced stranded razor tape barrier Single line razor
wire “Egoza” by
Promenergoresource Ltd.
Materials in production Barbs and the wire are made of low-carbon steel Barbs and the wire are made of low-carbon steel The wire is made of low-alloyed steel Stranded razor tape Reinforced stranded razor tape All materials in RRW “Egoza” production are galvanized
Picture Pic.1 Pic.2 Pic.3 Pic.3 Pic.4
Performance abilities:
Tear resistance, kg/sm2 320 340–450 200 800 1500
Corrosion penetration, meter/year 0,001 up to 0,001 0,001–0,0015 0,001–0,0015 0,00002
Durability/Lifetime, years 5 7,5–10 up to 10 up to 10 Promenergoresource Ltd. gives a 25 year warranty on the product
Barrier characteristics No cutting effect, easy to overcome No cutting effect, easy to overcome Weak tear resistance, easy to overcome by means of the simple set of cutting tools Easy to separate the razor tape from the wire, unattractive appearance Corresponds with all international standards, high strength and top quality reinforcement.
Pic.1 -  Simple barbed wire
Simple barbed wire
Pic.2. -	Reinforced barbed wire
Reinforced barbed wire
Pic.3 -	Stranded razor tape and Reinforced stranded razor tape
Stranded razor tape and Reinforced stranded razor tape
Pic.4 -  Reinforced razor wire “Egoza” by Promenergoresource Ltd.
Single line razor wire “Egoza” by Promenergoresource Ltd.

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