Barbed wire. wire mesh. razor wire. fencing wire.

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“Promenergoresource Ltd
“Promenergoresource Ltd.” presents a “Razor Web” Barrier for a multiple unit security.
The section is a welded frame made of pipes of square section (25x25 mm; 15x15 mm).
The net is manufactured from the reinforced razor wire and looks like a number of vertical rhombs connected with one another by means of wire or clips.
“Razor Web” is fixed on the posts that could be produced of:
a) a profile square pipe (80x40x2.8-3 mm)
b) a round pipe (76 mm in diameter)
c) roll-formed channel #8
• Any of the above materials are available by the individual request.            
The net has the following dimensions:
a) h – 390mm, w – 150
The section is fastened to the post by means of: 
 a) bolts
 b) welding
The total height of the barrier section starts from 2 up to 2.5 meters. The length of 1 section together with 
the posts is 3 meters.
The upper side of the section has run out razor wire ends meant for a stoppage effect.


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