Barbed wire. wire mesh. razor wire. fencing wire.

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Flatwrap is meant for the erection of high-performance physical obstacles and used as a temporary or permanent engineering structure installed to the ground or to the fence.

Flatwrap is made ofsingle line razor wirewhich performs significant cutting and springy action. The single line razor wireis a galvanized tape with double-edged symmetrical razor-sharp barbs reinforced with high-carbon galvanized core wire.

Technical specifications of Flatwrap

Item and diameter Number of running meters per coil Namber of loops per one running meter Number of sheets in one roll
FW900 5 5 10
FW600 5 5 10

In the process of production the following materials are used:

  • High-carbon galvanized core wire 2,4 2,5 mm in diameter
  • Steel galvanized wire 2,0 mm
  • Steel galvanized tape. 0,55 0,58 mm thick

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