Barbed wire. wire mesh. razor wire. fencing wire.

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In accordance with a law that functions on the territory of Russian Federation “Goods and services certification” (¹ 5151-1 from 10.06.1993) the production of Promenergoresource Ltd. are not meant for the obligatory certification.

In spite of that, The Company offered its production for the certification to Ministry Of Defense and Ministry Of Home Affairs in order to prove the high quality of work.

After being certified Promenergoresource Ltd. Has the following certificates:

  • Ministry Of Defense : ¹ ÂÐ 02.3.018-03.
  • Ministry Of Home Affairs: ¹ 000100114.
  • “Military Register” Conclusion ¹ ÂÐ 02.212.1526-2004.

All materials used by Promenergoresource Ltd. are obligatory certified by its manufacturer.

“Military Register” Certification system of Ministry Of Defense of Russian Federation
¹ ÂÐ 02.3.018-03.
Signed: March 18 2003 .
Reg ¹: 000550 ÂÐ.
Valid till: March 18 2006 .
Certification system of Ministry Of Home Affairs of Russian.
Certification system of Ministry of Home Affairs of Russian
¹ MHA RU.0001.H00114
Reg ¹: 000100114.
Signed: 12.02.2004
Valid till: 12.02.2006
“Military Register” Certification system
¹ ÂÐ 02.212.1526-2004.
Signed: April 01 2003
Reg ¹: ÂÐ 00898.
Valid till: April 22 2005

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