Barbed wire. wire mesh. razor wire. fencing wire.

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The company Promenergoresource Ltd. has been producing Concertina Razor Wire since 1995 and proves to be a Russian and CIS leader in production and supply of security fencing products (concertina razor wire) and corresponds with all international standards.

Our customers are: military organizations, Russian Federal Agency of Government Communication and Information, Russian Federal Service of Frontier Troops, Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Atomic Energy, Department of Transportation (airlines, railways and motor roads), Correctional Institutions, hydro and nuclear power stations, Petroleum and Gas Extracting Administrations, Oil mining and processing enterprises, Russian and CIS industrial enterprises and others.

The production line of The Company includes a vast variety of devices and security systems that ensure the effective and solid protection of the unit. The professional fitters of Promenergoresource Ltd. can install the Concertina Razor wire and its basic modifications (flat wrap razor wire, razor wire mesh barrier, etc.) on the customers unit (along the perimeter) taking into account the customers requests and specific character of the protected unit.
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